British tourists in Portugal warned against insurance scams

A tourist at a beach in southern Portugal. Credit: AP

The Foreign Office has issued a new warning over fake insurance claims to over two million Britons headed to Portugal this summer.

The alert urges people they could face serious legal consequences if they are tempted by touts urging them to make fake sickness claims.

Yesterday, ITV News obtained outrageous hidden camera footage of such touts speaking to holidaymakers in Benidorm.

The new Government advice extends an alert over the practice that has already been given regarding Spain.

Its official travel advice website now says "If you make a false or fraudulent claim, you may face legal proceedings in the UK or Portugal."

Insurance scam touts have been targeting some visitors. Credit: AP

In a separate development today, the travel trade has said if this practice continues "it may well start to have an impact on holiday prices".

ITV News has seen a YouGov survey of 2000 consumers showing 46% believe it's acceptable to make a claim even if they're not sure if the hotel is to blame.

It has also been given the results of a new and unpublished investigation by specialist lawyers.

The report says that, as well as going up to tourists in the street, touts "are now going one step further booking rooms in all-inclusive hotels to infiltrate the guests".