Chanel faces 'cultural insensitivity' backlash over £1,130 boomerang

The Chanel boomerang is priced on the website at £1,130 Credit:

French fashion house Chanel has been criticised for including a branded boomerang - costing £1,130 - in its latest collection.

The sale of the "wood and resin" accessory as part of the luxury brand's 2017 spring-summer pre-collection prompted an online backlash from customers who branded it as an "unacceptable" example of cultural appropriation.

One Twitter user, writer and activist Nayuka Gorrie, even made a tongue in cheek joke about how when she thought about Aboriginal culture she thought about Chanel.

In a statement given to ITV News Chanel said it was “extremely committed to respecting all cultures" and that it "deeply regrets that some may have felt offended" by the product.

Originally boomerangs were used in Indigenous Australian culture as weapons and according to the Australian Museum the traditional hunting item is one of the country's "most unique and distinctive emblems".

Information on the museum's website explains "the boomerang as a toy, souvenir or symbol obscured its major original role as a hunting weapon" and "over the years its original purpose has become increasingly distorted" - an argument which could explain the adverse reaction to Chanel selling it as an accessory.

Chanel's boomerang was included as part of a sportswear range that also features tennis rackets, a stand up paddle, beach rackets and balls within the new collection.