Disney is reportedly facing ransom threats from hackers amid claims that one of its upcoming movies has been stolen.

According to US media reports Disney chief Bob Iger notified staff of the hack on Monday, saying that a "huge" ransom was being demanded for the as yet unreleased movie.

Mr Iger did not reveal the name of the film that had been taken but is said to have told gathered staff that the company will not pay the bitcoin ransom.

Movie website Deadline has speculated the targeted film could be "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" which opens on May 26, while other film writers have suggested on social media that Pixar's "Cars 3" due for release next month, could be the ransomed film.

Reports claim federal investigators have been contacted by Disney and are waiting to see if hackers follow through on their threats to release installments of the film online.

Disney has not officially confirmed the reports but have been contacted for comment.