What do Northwich voters want from the General Election?

Martin Geissler

Former ITV News Correspondent

ITV News is gauging the opinions of people across the UK ahead of June's General Election to find out "What Matters" to them.

In this edition, we travelled to key marginal seat Weaver Vale, in the northern part of Cheshire West and Chester.

Once a Labour safe seat, it was narrowly won by the Conservatives in 2010 and 2015.

If Labour are to make an impact in this election, their policies have to impress people in places like this - where a very slight swing would win them the seat.

Speaking in the town of Northwich, two constituents told ITV News they were in favour of raising tax for high earners.

One said: "I agree with that entirely. And I'm not badly off but I would pay more as well."

Another added: "I'm entirely in favour of it. Tax the rich, and give the benefit to those in need."

On the subject of nationalising railways, water, and energy companies - a key Labour pledge - the response was similarly positive.

One voter said: "I think it is. Get them back on board and stop the big cats from making a lot of money."

And speaking about Jeremy Corbyn's pledge to scrap zero hour contracts, another added: "I'm on a zero hour contract, (scrapping them) would be loads better for me - it would be loads better for everyone."

Although the response to Labour's key pledges was positive, the party's leader was criticised by one voter who added: "Some of the ideas are good - not all of them - some of them. But Corbyn, absolutely not. He's another Trump."