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Disney withdraw plastic mug after girl gets tongue stuck for five hours

Megan caught her tongue in the lid Credit: SWNS

Disney have withdrawn a plastic mug from its stores after a young girl was taken to hospital with her tongue stuck in the lid.

Megan Donald, seven, was unable to remove the screw-top Monsters Inc cup when her tongue became jammed in its spout.

Megan's tongue started to turn purple and her mother Natalie Donald feared she would suffer permanent damage.

After taking her to hospital, doctors gave her injections in her mouth and then used a hacksaw and a drill to remove the mug and end her five-hour ordeal.

Disney Store bosses have now ordered the withdrawal of the £11.99 mug from its shelves and websites and current stocks are being destroyed.

The lid after being cut from Megan's tongue Credit: SWNS

Natalie, 31, said: "I got a call from the school to let me know that her tongue was stuck.

"Megan was quite panicked and I was quite shocked because I had never seen anything like it before.

"There was liquid in it so it was quite heavy and the teacher was having to hold it up for her.

"The ladies from the ambulance told us to lie her down so we took her into the medical room so she could lie down on her side.

"Megan was quite panicked at the time. It was causing her quite a lot of pain and she wasn't able to speak.

"She was feeling quite sleepy and we were trying to keep her awake until the ambulance got there."

Megan with her mother Natalie Credit: SWNS

Paramedics rushed to Harestanes Primary, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, on May 10 but were also unable to remove the mug.

Natalie managed to get her hand into Megan's mouth and move her tongue away from the hole, allowing the cup to be unscrewed from the lid.

Megan was then taken to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow where staff gave her pain relief while attempting to reduce the swelling.

A Disney Store spokesman said: "This is undoubtedly an unfortunate incident that we've taken seriously by immediately stopping sales of the mug from our stores and websites and destroying all other existing stock."