Lib Dem manifesto is a pitch to become the leading opposition party

Tim Farron argues he wants the Liberal Democrats to become the main opposition. Credit: PA

In hot offices, front rooms, on sofas and trains, the Liberal Democrats manifesto team have been working away for months.

Anxious not to be caught on the hop by a new Government they'd started working on their plans for power last summer with an "oven-ready" version ready by September.

For a short time it seemed like it wasn't going to be needed but then came the PM's call to the ballot box. And so the updating began.

They hadn't altered much - Brexit, the NHS, social care and education cover many of the 95 pages in Change Britain's Future, the Liberal Democrat Manifest 2017.

It's billed as the manifesto for a brighter future from the only party offering an accept or reject referendum on the final deal.

But for all the hours of work put into by dozens of people, not even those who have slogged over it believe the pledges will become policy.

Support for the party remains down after the coalition with the Conservatives. Credit: PA

If you aren't in power you can't implement your wish list and Tim Farron openly accepts that Theresa May will be Prime Minister on June 9.

His argument is the Liberal Democrats should be the biggest party of opposition. This manifesto is his and the party's attempt to tell the story of the type of society they would like to create.

In many ways its the revival manifesto with tax cuts, spending increases, legalisation of cannabis and few other voter-friendly polices. And at the moment they certainly need more friendly voters.

The polls aren't showing the huge comeback the party wants and the hope is that policies addressing the things people worry about will remind voters what the Lib Dems stand for.

Brexit may have seemed like the great USP last summer, but it isn't now, hence the hard sell on the big ticket items like health and education.

This manifesto is called Change Britain's Future - it should probably be called Change Britain's Future By Changing Its Opposition.

It's not as catchy but actually what the party is really seeking.