What do Cheltenham voters want from the General Election?

ITV News is gauging the opinions of people across the UK ahead of June's General Election to find out "What Matters" to them.

In this edition, we travelled to Cheltenham, where the Liberal Democrats are targeting the youth vote.

If the party is to make any headway, seats like this could hold the key.

The Conservatives took Cheltenham in 2015 with a majority of 6,516.

But it had been a Liberal Democrat stronghold through five general elections from 1992 until 2010.

It is also a big Remain constituency, with 56% of voters choosing to stay in the European Union.

But even the young "remainers" at the town's university did not like the idea of a second referendum.

Jade Padam said: "We've all had our say already - whether we want to remain or leave. The majority was to leave, whether the other half liked it or not."

Beya Kabelu added: "If they are willing to overturn a democratic decision, that doesn't really sit easy with me."

Meanwhile, at an art class, Lella Day said: "It's quite a good body of sensible arguments there, and they're not too outrageous, not too extreme."

It was not all about policy though - at a local brewery the Liberal Democrat leader was also being judged.

Richard Keene, from the Cotswold Brewing Company, said: "Anyone who can U-turn and change their mind and such-like so frequently on issues such as abortion and gay marriage, then how good will they be when sticking to their guns on negotiations involving complex international issues?"