1. ITV Report

Home Secretary Amber Rudd caught out over house prices in her constituency

The Home Secretary Amber Rudd seems to be the latest politician to stumble over numbers after she was unable to correctly answer a question about house prices in her constituency.

ITV News Meridian asked Ms Rudd if she knew what the average house price was in her constituency of Hastings and Rye.

The Home Secretary replied "er yes I do, do you know what it is?" to which the reporter responded "I do, you tell me" Ms Rudd then laughed and replied "it's certainly only a little bit above a hundred thousand, that's true".

After giving a very confident answer the Home Secretary was told she was over £100,000 out as the average house price in her constituency is £217,983.

Mrs Rudd is not the first politician in the election campaign to trip over the numbers.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott also suffered a numbers mishap and was accused of failing to keep on top of key figures after she underestimated Labour losses in the local elections by more than half.

The Shadow Home Secretary said she believed the party had lost a total of "about 50" councillors when in fact the number was well over 100.

Ms Abbott also made another numbers gaffe just days before during a "car crash interview" in which she badly fudged a question on the costs of increasing police numbers.