Ed Miliband calls bingo numbers on campaign trail

Ed Miliband calls the bingo numbers. Credit: Twitter/Thorne Labour

Should Ed Miliband fail to get re-elected at the General Election he has a potential back-up career: as a bingo announcer.

The Labour candidate hit the campaign trail in Moorends, a village which comes under the Doncaster North constituency he is bidding to represent again.

The 47-year-old demonstrated his bingo lingo with catchphrases such as "unlucky for some, number 13", "all the twos, 22", and "all on its own, number two".

Mr Miliband's latest campaign trail adventure comes just weeks after he did some real "grassroots" campaigning and cut a constituent's lawn.

The full list of candidates standing to represent Doncaster North at the June 8 election are:

  • Ed Miliband - Labour

  • Robert Moray Adamson - Liberal Democrats

  • Shade Adoh - Conservatives

  • David Stewart Allen - English Democrats

  • Charlie Bridges - Yorkshire Party

  • Frank Lloyd Calladine - Independent

  • Kim Parkinson - Ukip