Greens to accuse Tories of waging war against young

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley will accuse the Conservatives of waging a war against young people as he outlines his party's policies for housing, education and work.

Mr Bartley will pledge to ban unpaid internships and improve conditions for renters in the private sector at a campaign event in London on Saturday,.

Launching policies to "tackle the big issues for young people", Mr Bartley will also set out the Greens plan to abolish tuition fees and cancel all student debt.

Mr Bartley is due to say: "The Conservative Government has launched a war on young people, taking public debt and hanging it around the necks of the next generation - cutting their housing benefit, increasing tuition fees and scrapping education grants.

"Young people matter and a political party that fails to work with and listen to young people, that ignores them in favour of older voters, that thinks of the future only in terms of their tenure in office not the lifetime of today's youth, is not a political party at all but a closed-off clique."

The Green Party's youth policies would ensure all interns and trainees are paid the minimum wage.

The party would also introduce rent controls at a "living rent" rate and more secure tenancies for private renters.

"The Green Party will build a raft for young people negotiating the Brexit storm," Mr Bartley will say.

"Young people have the most to lose from an uncertain future outside the EU, and we're promising a referendum on the final Brexit deal, with the chance to stay in the EU if voters don't like the Government's deal."