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Liberal Democrats launch bizarre Farage/May campaign poster

The Lib Dems have launched their latest campaign poster. Credit: Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have a launched a bizarre election poster campaign - featuring Nigel Farage's face superimposed onto Theresa May's body.

Alongside a close up of the former Ukip leader's face sporting the Prime Minister's ear length grey hair, the poster reads: "Vote her, get him".

In the picture, Mr Farage also wears a large bead necklace and grey jacket sometimes seen being worn by Mrs May.

Launching the poster on Twitter, the Liberal Democrats urged voters to not accept "May and Farage's extreme version of Brexit".

Tim Farron's party launched their election manifesto on Wednesday. Credit: PA

A Lib Dem spokesperson said it was "a simple use of the popular face-swap to hammer home the message that Theresa May has adopted wholesale Nigel Farage and UKIP policies."

But the image received some negative reaction over social media, users accusing the party of "trans-phobia".

Others claimed the Liberal Democrats were "exploiting" the LGBT community.

Launching their election manifesto on Wednesday, party leader Tim Farron pledged a second referendum on the final European Union withdrawal deal.

The party also aim to keep the UK in the single market and customs union following Brexit.

Mr Farron has often spoken out against a "hard Brexit", a policy advocated by Mrs May.

ITV News has contacted the Liberal Democrats for comment concerning the latest poster.