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Co-op fined £400,000 after pensioner slips on wet floor and dies

Stanley May

The Co-op has been fined £400,000 after a pensioner died after slipping on some water in one of its stores.

Stanley May - who was a regular at the supermarket in Truro in Cornwall - hit his head on the wet floor.

A court heard staff had known about the fridge leak but had failed to safeguard customers.

A court was told his death was one of thousands of similar incidents in Co-op stores and the chiller had been faulty for two days.

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

Stanley May, 74, was taken ill after he slipped on the floor of the Co-op store in Truro and hit his head in July 2015.

His daughter, Victoria Parsons, spoke outside court about her devastation at losing her father and said he was a "very special person".

"If they kept an eye on that water, my dad would still be alive today," she said.

The company admitted breaching Health and Safety regulations at an earlier hearing and admitted failing to protect customers.

The court was told an engineer had been called to fix the leak two days earlier but it continued to leak.

A warning sign was in place but adequate measures were not put in place to deal with the spillage.

The Co-op said it has taken steps to prevent more accidents including placing mats in store to deal with spillages and leaks.

The company also said it had settled a civil claim with Mr May's family well above what is required by law and made a substantial donation to a charity of their choice.