Three climbers dead and one missing near summit of Mount Everest

Three climbers have died and another is missing on Mount Everest following a tragic weekend on the world's highest mountain, officials and expedition organisers have said.

An American climber died near the summit and an Indian climber is missing after heading down from the top following a successful ascent on Saturday.

Roland Yearwood, 50, from Alabama, died on Sunday but details were not immediately known.

Slovak climber Vladimir Strba, 50, also died on Everest on Sunday, Tourism Ministry official Gyanendra Shrestha said.

File photo of trekkers resting at Base Camp on Mount Everest. Credit: AP

Indian climber Ravi Kumar reached the 29,035ft summit on Saturday with his guide, but fell ill on his way down and did not make it to the nearest camp.

It is believed he reached the summit at 1.30pm local time, which is considered late, and many other climbers were not around.

His accompanying Nepalese Sherpa guide was also sick but dragged himself to the camp at South Col, located at 26,247ft.

He had frostbite and was receiving oxygen.

Three Sherpa rescuers were flown by helicopter to Camp 2, from where they are climbing the mountain to search for the missing climber.