What do Norwich voters want from the General Election?

ITV News is gauging the opinions of people across the UK ahead of June's General Election to find out "What Matters" to them.

We travel to Norwich in this edition, where the Green Party - who launched its manifesto today - appeals to the electorate.

Sarah Spooner, a mother speaking at a baby yoga class, said: "I have lots of sympathies with the Greens because climate change is going to be a huge issue for Faye's [her daughter's] generation and I don't know about any of the other parties talking about it."

When asked if she would vote for the Greens, she replied "definitely", adding that she had done so in the past and would do so again.

The Greens are heavily targeting the young by reducing the voting age and eradicating student debt.

Caitlin Kelly, a pupil at City of Norwich School, told ITV News: "I'm particularly worried about university because of tuition fees. I have very high aspirations for what I want to do in life but I feel that because I'm not from a family in the elite, I feel that it will really prevent me from accessing and achieving my goals."

Pupil Maia Kemp-Welch added: "People could spend their whole lives paying off [debt] for a couple of years in their youth."

At a vegetarian cafe, one voter said she "probably wouldn't consider voting for the Green Party because I don't think they'd win".

Fellow diner Craig Pym added: "It's important that the main parties are pressured on - so climate change, and issues around that. But there's just too many sort of wacky policies that dilute the message I think."

Matt Townsend, speaking at a family day festival, said: "I think a drive towards a better electoral system - so the idea that proportional representation is something that we should actually work towards. And I also think a huge amount of work could be done in terms of anti-austerity."

Asked whether he would vote for the Green Party, Errol Tapper added: "Back in the day I would have voted for them as a protest vote, but at the moment I probably wouldn't because I can't see anyone overtaking the Conservative Party at the moment."

Kate Bailey echoed his views, adding: "I don't think they have a very good chance of getting in and I want to vote to get the Tories out - so, therefore, Labour."