Schoolchildren burst into song in spontaneous show of unity after Manchester attack

Schoolchildren put on a spontaneous show of unity in the wake of the Manchester Arena attack.

Students at the Chetham's School of Music, which is located opposite the Arena where 22 people were killed, took the group decision on Tuesday to "pull together".

They all gathered in the playground and held their own vigil for victims by singing Oasis' 'Don't Look Back In Anger".

Student Amber Jordan, who filmed the display, said: "It was a group decision. Although the disaster has shaken our community, it has brought us together and made us stronger.

"We couldn't attend the vigil in Albert Square as we were on lock down, so decided to have our own. Everyone pulled together. The atmosphere in school was one of unspoken sadness."

Headteacher Alun Jones told ITV News the singing tribute was in direct response to the attack.

He said: "It was a spontaneous act by the children, they said lets go outside and sing something together as a vigil."