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Mancunians resolve to carry on as normal after attack

  • Video report by ITV News North of England Correspondent Damon Green

Mancunians have turned to their rich history of music and art as the city collectively resolves not to let the horrendous suicide attack in the city terrorise them.

From pop-up concerts to street art, there were crowds in the streets in a collective show of defiance and pride.

Students queued up to have the city's logo tattooed on their arms as a reminder and a tribute to the 22 dead.

"It just felt like a good way of remembering the victim for as long as I live, said student Danielle Kosky.

Jay Sharples' wife and daughter were at the arena on the night of the attack. Credit: ITV News

Even the street art took on a political meaning as new works popped up with messages of unity and hope.

One reading "No fear here" was by street artist Jay Sharples, whose wife and daughter were among those at the arena on the night of the attack.

He told ITV News that he wanted to give a message of solidarity.

Elsewhere crowds including families gathered to watch a sporting event in a collective decision to live life and enjoy it.

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