A woman who has survived cancer three times has spoken about giving birth to her "miracle" daughter - who came from an egg frozen a record 13 years ago.

It's the first time an egg has been successfully used in IVF after being frozen for so long.

Alannah Roberts, 30, told Good Morning Britain she was "elated" when she discovered she was going to be a mum after freezing some of her eggs as a teenager.

She was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15 and battled the disease but it returned when she was 17, which is when her older sister persuaded her to store her eggs.

Roberts had lymphoma - a cancer of the blood - which can lead to infertility.

"I was very, very poorly at the time so I didn't really much think about anything - it wasn't even on my radar about children because I was a child myself," she said.

She was 22 when the cancer returned and overcoming the disease for a third time required full-body radiation treatment that usually results in infertility.

Last year Roberts and her husband Andrew decided to start trying for a baby using the seven eggs she stored aged 17 and despite their age, some of the eggs survived the thawing process.

Faith was born in October, making history as the "oldest" frozen egg baby in the world.

Dr Hilary Jones said all young women in Roberts' position should be offered fertility preservation.

"Only 20 babies by the beginning of 2013 had been born from using their mother's own eggs that had been frozen so it's in its infancy but we're getting there," he said.