The grieving father of a teenage victim of the Manchester bombing told a mother hugging her son: “Look after him - because you never know.”

Simon Callander, who lost his 18-year-old daughter Georgina in Monday’s atrocity, was reading the tributes in St Ann’s Square when he noticed the emotional woman and turned to her to deliver his message.

The moving encounter left the police family liaison officer and other bystanders close to tears.

Mr Callander, along with his wife and soon, had earlier spent time looking at the stream of flowers, teddies and balloons left in honour of his daughter and the other 21 victims at the vigil.

The family laid a bouquet before releasing balloons into the air as hundreds of people applauded.

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Callander spoke of his guilt at not being there for his daughter when she was fatally wounded at the Ariana Grande concert inside the Manchester Arena.

“I should have been there to hold her hand, when she was lying there. I should have been there.”

His wife, Lesley Callander, described the moment that she found her daughter lying on a stretcher as paramedics battled to save her life.

“I was just screaming and shouting at her. I was rubbing her hands, I was rubbing her tummy, rubbing her face,” she said.

“It was just a flicker of hope that she’d move her hand or move her leg or try and open her eyes a little just to acknowledge that I was there.”