#Covfefe? Trump's cryptic late night tweet inspires social media

Is it a password, is it a joke or could it even be Russian code?

Donald Trump's cryptic middle-of-the-night Twitter sign off has sparked all of the above suggestions as the phrase "covfefe" went viral on social media.

The US president's unexplained word, which at first glance appears a typo, has inspired a fantasy Twitter spat, countless gags and - before you even look to cash in - been bought out as a website and sold as a t-shirt.

Here's the best selection of the reaction to his 5am tweet:

  • Could covfefe be an acronym?

  • Will he wake up and realise he misspelled coffee?

  • Is Trump speaking a different language?

  • Is it a (dangerous) code?

  • Covfefe inspires a host of memes and videos

  • It sparked warring wizards and vikings

  • Some enterprising folk looked to profit from the craze

The t-shirt adapts a famous sporting manufacturer's slogan. Credit: Teespring
  • Others found a new covfefe twist on old phrases

  • Finally, the most plausible: he misspelled coverage, didn't he?