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Senior ministers say income tax 'will not rise' under Tories

Credit: PA Wire

Senior Tories have indicated a possible u-turn over one of their policies after saying that income taxes "will not rise" if their party remains in power after the election.

The claim, made by both Sir Michael Fallon and Boris Johnson, comes despite the fact the Conservative manifesto failed to rule out increasing taxes on peoples earnings after ditching former Prime Minister David Cameron's 'triple tax-lock' pledge.

Sir Michael Fallon and Boris Johnson both say income taxes 'will not rise' under the Tories Credit: Adrian Dennis/John Stillwell/PA

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph today Sir Michael made it clear that income tax "absolutely" will not rise under a new Conservative government.

He told the paper: "You've seen our record. We're not in the business of punishing people for getting on, on the contrary we want people to keep more of their earnings.

"The only way they can be sure their taxes won't rise is to vote Conservative. We already know your tax will go up if you vote Labour on Thursday."

While Mr Johnson told BBC's Newsnight: "We will bear down on taxation and we have absolutely no plans to raise income tax."

In the party's official manifesto it says the party will "keep tax as low as possible" and simplify the system but does not guarantee there will be no raises.