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Twelve arrested after EDL clash with counter protesters in Liverpool

Anti-fascist protesters at Liverpool ahead of the EDL march. Credit: PA

Twelve people have been arrested after English Defence League demonstrators clashed with anti-fascist protesters in Liverpool.

Merseyside police dispersed the EDL march early after "increasing animosity between both groups" which saw bottles thrown and flares let off in the city centre.

Riot police were called in to separate the two sides amid clashes that saw bottles and darts thrown and flares dispersed.

Flares were dispersed and bottles thrown in clashes between the groups. Credit: PA

The far-right EDL said they called the Liverpool march to highlight issues including Islamic terrorism.

They were met by counter-protests by left-wing activists and anti-fascists.

Police said approximately 140 people attended the EDL demonstration while more than 600 were involved in the anti-fascist counter-protest.

A sit-down protest by the left wingers meant that the EDL were initially contained to a side street before the counter marchers were pushed back.

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At times bottles were seen being thrown between the groups and loud bangs, believed to be firecrackers, were heard.

Darts were also reportedly thrown by left-wing counter protesters.

Police said they had taken the decision to break up the EDL march under Section 12 of the Public Order Act to protect those living and working in the city centre.

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The EDL group was then moved to the loading bay of Lime Street station at about 3pm.

Police said demonstrators were escorted from there on to trains and out of the city.