Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland will be independent by 2025

Scotland will be independent by 2025, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has told ITV’s Tonightprogramme.

When asked if she thought the United Kingdom would have broken up by 2025, Sturgeon replied: “I think Scotland will be independent, yes, but, you know, that’s a choice for the Scottish people.”

“I believe Scotland will be independent, I’ve always believed that,” continued Sturgeon.

“We don’t leave the British Isles, Scotland will just move from a devolved country to an independent country but those links and relationships that hold the British Isles as an entity will continue.”

In March, the Scottish Parliament backed Sturgeon’s call for a second referendum, but Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected the demand, saying "now is not the time".

Speaking to Julie Etchingham, Sturgeon also defended her policy of wanting to be at the Brexit negotiating table.

She also revealed that she has not asked Jeremy Corbyn about getting a place at the Brexit table.

Sturgeon doubts Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will secure an election victory. Credit: PA

She said: “I look at the polls and even with narrowing polls, I think the likelihood is the Tories are going to be in government.

That’s why it’s so important at this election that we make sure that our voice is heard

Nicola Sturgeon pictured with her husband Peter Murrell. Credit: PA

The SNP leader was also asked about her relationship with husband Peter Murrell and what he does to help her "let her hair down" when things get tense.

Sturgeon replied "he lets me shout and let the pressure out," adding: "We do have a really solid relationship."

"Peter is the stability in a life that is otherwise pretty frantic and always moving at a very fast pace."

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