Is there a French cat killer? Seaside village sees 200 cats poisoned in just one month

A spate of cat deaths in France has prompted speculation there could be a "cat serial killer" on the loose.

Nearly 200 cats were poisoned to death in just one month in the seaside village of Saint Pierre la Mer.

One cat owner, whose pet was killed, told La Depeche newspaper she had seen cats "vomiting something blue".

It comes after the deaths of more than 230 cats in Greater London were linked to the so-called 'Croydon Cat Killer', who has still never been caught.

Rodents and birds have also died after swallowing poison in France, according to reports.

Locals say they fear what will happen if a child accidentally ingests the mystery poison.

Animal charities have told police they think someone is deliberately trying to kill cats in the area.