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Montenegro PM shoved by Donald Trump at Nato summit says he was entitled to do it

The prime minister of Montenegro said he has no hard feelings about Donald Trump's shove at the recent Nato summit - and even suggests the US president was entitled to do it.

The video of the US president pushing back the surprised Dusko Markovic in order to get to the front of a group of leaders went viral last month.

Dusko Markovic was muscled back by Donald Trump in Brussels. Credit: AP

Mr Trump's critics jumped on the clip as a sign of his desperation to be front and centre among the political powers as they entered the alliance's new HQ in Brussels.

But Mr Markovic, whose small Balkan nation joined Nato on Monday, looked to play down the incident in an interview with German newspaper Bild.

The Montenegro PM saw the funny side as a straight-faced Donald Trump adjusted his suit. Credit: AP

He confirmed "contact took place, which the media referred to as pushing" but said he did not "perceive it like that".

Mr Markovic said it was right for the US president to get in front in order to stand "next to" the Nato secretary general.

The Montenegro PM was representing his nation, which officially joined Nato on Monday. Credit: AP

He said he regarded the Brussels incident, which made headlines across the world, as a "completely harmless event".