May 'sorry' for election result which cost Tory MPs their seats

Theresa May has said she is "sorry" for the election result which cost some Tory MPs their seats.

The prime minister, who has faced calls to step down, told ITV News she would "reflect on the results and what we need to do in the future to take the party forward".

Earlier, she announced she would form a majority government with the Democratic Unionist Party to keep the Tories in power.

Asked if she ever thought about resigning as the results came in, she said her focus last night was on her colleagues who were "sadly losing their seats".

"I obviously wanted a different result last night and I'm sorry for all those colleagues who lost their seats who didn't deserve to lose," she said.

"And of course I'll reflect on what happened."

Mrs May added the Tories were the only party who could form a Government and take the country through Brexit negotiations.

"What I think is important in the Brexit negotiations, which will start in 10 days time, is that we have the certainty of a Government that can take forward a plan into those negotiations.

"That's why at this critical time for our country, it's important to form a Government in the national interest.

"As we're the party who won the most seats and most votes, we're the only party in a position to do that."

The prime minister was asked if the public could be certain her new Government could last five years with her as leader.

"It's important to have a Government that can take the Brexit negotiations through. That's what I'm doing, forming a Government," she said.