Theresa May will not resign as Prime Minister after election ends in hung parliament

Theresa May has no intention to resign as Prime Minister, I have learned.

Mrs May has come under increasing pressure to stand aside following a "catastrophic" snap election that ended in a hung parliament.

She is talking with senior colleagues about how to form a new government.

They will impose conditions on her - in particular that she exercises less centralised control than she has exercised over her first 11 months as Prime Minister and in the election campaign.

I wonder therefore whether her joint chiefs of staff, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, will keep their jobs.

Most Tory MPs to whom I have spoken have no appetite for another Tory leadership election.

But Theresa May's authority is so damaged by having surrendered her government's majority - albeit while increasing its vote share from 36% to 43% - that she may yet be forced out.