DUP 'will support the Tories for as long as Corbyn leads Labour'

The DUP are expected to prop up the Government. Credit: PA

I said on Monday morning that the Tories would go for a leadership election in a year so long as the DUP is prepared to prop up the Government for at least that long.

Well a DUP source said there would be no formal deadline in the confidence-and-supply arrangement that is due to be announced on Tuesday.

How long would the DUP be prepared in practice to support Mrs May's government?

"For as long as Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labour Party," says my DUP source.

Well that is clear enough.

There is not expected to be a formal deadline in the confidence-and-supply arrangement between the DUP and the Tories. Credit: PA

What kind of announcement will we get on Tuesday about the deal?

I am told there will be a one or two paragraph statement, committing the DUP to vote with the Government on finance issues and confidence motions - and there will be a few promises to deliver on the DUP's priorities.

Will there be a joint press conference by Theresa May and the DUP leader Arlene Foster?

"We don't like the semiotics of that," said the erudite DUP source.

"It looks like the tail wagging the dog".