'I'm lucky to be alive' says London Bridge survivor who was stabbed in the neck

A survivor of the London Bridge atrocity has said she feels lucky to be alive after her throat was cut in the attack.

Candice Hedge, 31, from Brisbane in Australia, was working with her boyfriend when the three attackers stormed the restaurant.

She was stabbed in the neck - but luckily the knife missed her arteries and vocal cords.

She said: "I feel lucky to be here, it's not really a lucky situation but considering what happened it's amazing."

Two young Australian women were among eight killed in the attack.

Candice said she and the attacker both stared at each other before he stabbed her in the neck.

Her boyfriend Luke said: "I took her into the kitchen and I sat her down and then all this blood, so much blood."

Candice with her family in hospital Credit: Seven News

The area was cordoned off by police hunting the attacker so Candice had to walk clutching her throat to an ambulance.

"I was thinking for a moment that maybe I wasn't going to make it," she said.

Candice says she plans to stay in London.

"We can't let our lives be ruled by fear, we have to carry on, together, strong."