Grenfell Tower block fire in pictures

The deadly fire at the Grenfell Tower block in west London began in the early hours of Wednesday before engulfing the 24-storey building.

The tower, which contains 120 flats, is thought to be home to between 400 and 600 people.

The blaze raged as smoke billowed. Credit: PA
The residential flats were seen entirely engulfed in flames. Credit: PA
A man (circled) was seen looking from a window as smoke poured from the fire. Credit: PA
Forty fire trucks supported by 250 firefighters responded to the blaze. Credit: PA
Resident in neighbouring tower blocks watched the grim daytime scene. Credit: PA
Local resident Georgina stood distraught as she overlooked the Grenfell Tower. Credit: PA
Others closer to the blaze watched the smoke rising. Credit: PA
Plumes of smoke rose into the west London skies. Credit: PA
Emergency crews had sprayed water from nearby buildings to try to tame the flames. Credit: PA
Other firefighters entered the building, which had raised fears of collapsing, once the fire had died down. Credit: PA
Local residents in Lancaster Road watched on behind fire crews. Credit: PA
Resident Michael Paramasivan and his five-year-old daughter Thea Kavanagh managed to escape. Credit: PA
Another local resident was carried to receive some medical aid. Credit: PA
Posters for missing residents were soon placed in the local roads. Credit: PA
Tributes were left with flowers close to the scene. Credit: PA
A relief fund bucket was set up by local residents as neighbours rallied to help. Credit: PA
Residents were told to 'stay put' if they discovered a fire. Credit: PA
Two women wore face masks with smoke still in the air in west London. Credit: PA
A woman looked distraught as she awaited news of her friend. Credit: PA
Around 250 firefighters responded to the blaze. Credit: PA
Equipment was seen strewn across grassland. Credit: PA
Debris was also on the ground after falling amid the blaze. Credit: PA
The quelled fire showed the extent of the horrendous damage. Credit: PA
People donated clothing as the local Westway Sports and Fitness Centre provided shelter to the evacuated residents. Credit: PA
Notting Hill Methodist Church appealed for donations to help people affected by the fire. Credit: PA
Tennis courts at the Westway Sports Centre were soon filled with bags of provisions. Credit: PA
Bystanders consoled each other at a bike hire stand close to the tower. Credit: PA