Spike in hate crime and communities living in fear in wake of terror attacks

  • Video report by ITV News International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar

The Finsbury Park attack has taken place against a rising backdrop of Islamaphobia in Britain and the targeting of Muslims.

Finsbury Park has one of the most diverse communities in the capital - all faiths live side by side.

Mosques were today promised greater protection, as police reported an unprecedented anti-muslim backlash.

There's been a spike in hate crime following the London Bridge attack, with police saying they have recorded five times as many incidents than in the same period last year.

Following the attack on the 6th of June there were 20 incidents reported in London compared to an average of three attacks a day last year.

An inter-faith group, led by local MP Jeremy Corbyn, visited the spot where the attack took place in defiance of such hatred.

"An attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths and communities," said Mohammed Kozbar, the chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque.

He added: "Those who try to divide us and who aim to spread fear, hatred and division will not succeed."