Finsbury Park terror victim remembers horror in wake of attack

A victim from the Finsbury Park terror attack has told how he no longer feels safe in London and that he will "never forget" what he saw.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ITV News, Yassin Hersi told of his horror in the wake of the attack, describing the "number of different injuries" around him.

Within seconds of the van colliding, he said he heard a victim shouting for help from beneath the vehicle.

He said: "I feel lucky now, when I see the situation - the guy who was under the van was shouting 'help, help, help'. I didn't realise at the time he was trapped under the van."

"Yesterday we were in the same hospital with that guy and he had a long operation. The doctors think he's going to have a four-hour operation or something like that... but last I heard it was six hours."

Mr Hersi, who has attended the Muslim Welfare House for 30 years, went on to say that he no longer feels safe in London, and that "no one is really safe".

He added: "To be honest with you, whether you're in a car, or you cross the road, or if you're in an apartment... no one is safe."

Mr Hersi was giving first aid to another man when the van, allegedly driven by suspect Darren Osborne, 47, collided with the group. But he said he does not know if the van was responsible for his death.

He said: "I believe he died of panic. He was responding well [before the van hit]... he was talking, responding, saying I'm okay... We thought he had a heart problem but it's not serious. I believe the van contributed [to his death]."

Darren Osborne is being held by police Credit: SWNS

He went on to say that he does not differentiate between different types of terror.

He said: "We all live in London, we should all take care of one another and protect one another. And I believe that anybody who destroys that lovely life is a terrorist.

"Whether they're in a mosque, or at London Bridge, they are the same case. It doesn't have different names to me. A terrorist is a terrorist."

He added that he is "proud" of how the community reacted to the incident.

Osborne was arrested after the incident which injured 11 Muslims attending prayers in the early hours of Monday morning. Eight were taken to hospital for treatment and one person died.