Stars unite to record Grenfell Tower charity single

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Listeners have said the "beautiful" and "truly moving" charity single in aid of Grenfell Tower survivors reduced them to tears after its release today.

More than 50 stars including Leona Lewis, Tokio Myers, Liam Payne and Nile Rogers took part in the cover of Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

It opens with a rap from grime star Stormzy with the lyrics: "I don't know where to begin so I'll start by saying I refuse to forget you/I refuse to be silenced/I refuse to neglect you/That's for every last soul up in Grenfell/Even though I've never even met you."

The video, which was broadcast in full for the first time on ITV this evening, includes emotive footage of emergency services and memorials to those lost in the fire which claimed at least 79 lives.

The single has been praised by listeners who described it as "beautiful", "poignant" and "full of emotion".

Many said highlighted Stormzy's opening lyrics, saying they expressed their feelings of anguish over the tragedy.

A child leaves flowers at a Grenfell Community memorial in the video. Credit: PA

Proceeds from sales of the song and additional donations will go to Artists For Grenfell, set up to support the survivors of the tower block fire that killed at least 79 people last week.

Simon Cowell, who masterminded the single, said he had wanted to help families left homeless and bereaved after he witnessed the aftermath of the disaster.

The music mogul, who lives nearby, told ITV News that the fire "hit home" and that it "could happen to anybody".

"The artists, who all turned up over the weekend....I saw the very, very nice side of the music business at that point," he added.

Rita Ora said recording the track left her in tears because "it's my neighbourhood, that's my manor...I used to play in that block".

The song, listed as by "Artists for Grenfell", was recorded at Sarm Studios, half a mile from the site of the fire.

Proceeds from it will then be distributed via The London Community Foundation.