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Heathrow setting the highest temperatures today

Today the heatwave hit its peak at 35C in Heathrow, London making it the hottest June day since 1976 and the hottest Summer Solstice on record.

The weather is set to cool down and in the north its already started to breakdown with the arrival of some heavy showers today. These are likely to turn into torrential thundery downpours tonight, which has led the Met Office to issue a Yellow Warning across the Midlands, Northern England, Northeast Wales and Southern Scotland. Elsewhere it'll be dry and in the southeast still very muggy.

Tomorrow is looking generally cooler but still very warm in parts of the southeast where we could reach 26C. A batch of showers will move into Southwest England crossing eastwards, turning heavier as they bump into the humid conditions in the southeast which could lead to some thundery downpours. Further north it'll be a drier day with a fair amount of cloud.

ITV Weather Presenter Alex Beresford with the latest forecast: