No crown for Her Majesty as she gives Queen's Speech

When the Queen arrives at the Palace of Westminster today, she'll be in a car, not a carriage.

She'll be wearing a dress, not a robe.

And on her head, you won't spot a crown.

Is this the Head of State passing comment on Theresa May's poor performance at the election which forced her to scrap much of what she wrote her her disastrous manifesto?

Absolutely not.

Is it because the Queen wants to do a quick change before scooting off to Ascot, as she had always planned?

Perish the thought.

Is the Queen, at 91, too old to wear the heavy Imperial State Crown which would be a challenge for most of us?


Her Majesty will be dressed down for this year's Queen's Speech. Credit: PA

The reason for the dressed down Queen's Speech today - the first since 1974 - is one of timing.

The royal diary did not include a Queen's Speech because there was not meant to be a General Election.

That all changed when the Prime Minister called the snap vote after her walk in the mountains at Easter.

And with Trooping the Colour already in the diary for last weekend, the ceremonial experts at Buckingham Palace decided they didn't have time to perform one major event and then practice and perform a second one just a few days later.

There will be no carriages for the Queen at this year's Speech. Credit: PA

Remember, these people don't like to get things wrong.

It does, however, put more paint on the canvas of a picture that everything political is out of sorts right now.

And if we do wish to look at historical precedent, remember the last time Her Majesty was dressed down for the Queen's Speech was after the snap election of 1974 (which the Conservative Prime Minister called and lost).

It was the first of two elections in that turbulent year.