Prince Charles meets hero imam at site of Finsbury Park attack

Prince Charles has met with the imam hailed as a hero for protecting the suspect in the Finsbury park attack from an angry mob on a visit to the site.

The royal passed on a personal message of sympathy from the Queen as he spoke with faith leaders and community members near the site where Muslim worshippers were struck by a van as they left evening prayers.

One man died and nine people were taken to hospital after the attack in the early hours of Monday.

Speaking to faith leaders during a visit to the Muslim Welfare House, Charles said he was "deeply impressed" by imam Mohammed Mahmoud, who shielded the suspect until police arrived.

He praised Mr Mahmoud's "remarkable actions on that terrible occasion", adding "Thank goodness we have wonderful leaders."

The Prince also shared a personal message of "thoughts and prayers" from the Queen.

Charles passed on a personal message of sympathy from the Queen. Credit: PA

Charles stopped to read some of the hundreds of messages of support and anguish left at the site of the attack.

One colourful poster, decorated with glitter hearts and flowers and signed with many names simply asked: "Where's the love?"

Another image showed cut-out figures holding hands around a dove, symbolising peace, while white butterflies adorned the wall above the nearby bouquets.

The Prince also greeted attack victim Yassin Hersi, who was left with broken right leg and tissue damage in the left.

"Are you sure you should be here?", he asked the 45-year-old, who was on crutches and had his right leg in a cast.

Leaning heavily on crutches, Mr Hersi said he was grateful the prince had visited because it showed people cared "from top to bottom".

He said: "He's been really sympathetic and very sorry for what happened to us, very supportive."