The Queen's speech outfit sparks rumours she was sending a secret message about Brexit

This year's Queen Speech was a dressed down affair compared to the monarch's usual attire of fur-lined robes, heavy jewels and royal crown.

As Royal Editor Chris Ship explains, that decision was primarily one of timing, but the monarch's choice of day dress - and hat - has grabbed far more attention than her usual regal look.

The 91-year-old delivered Theresa May's plan, which focused heavily on Brexit, in a bespoke cornflower blue hat adorned with five yellow-centred flowers.

Remind you of anything?

Accident? Or accidentally on purpose? The Queen's bespoke hat Credit: PA/AP

Twitter went into overdrive with humorous comparisons to the European flag.

The hat, designed by the Queen's trusted personal assistant and senior dresser Angela Kelly, was interpreted as "anti-Brexit" by Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West.

Other also suggested the nonagenarian was "trolling" the Tories and the country's impending Brexit:

However, as head of state, the Queen is politically neutral and acts on the advice of her Government in political matters.

Last year Buckingham Palace complained to Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) over a Sun article that claimed "The Queen backs Brexit".

"The referendum is a matter for the British people to decide," the palace said at the time of last year's Brexit vote.