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Grenfell Tower Fire: Ministers 'were told fire regulations were fit for purpose'

Ministers were advised that fire regulations at tower blocks across the country were fit for purpose, despite tests that showed the use of flammable cladding.

Civil servants had previously advised ministers that the regulations were tough enough, ITV News political correspondent Paul Brand said.

And BRE Group, which tests the cladding panels, warned the government in a report last year that combustible cladding was in use, but said there was "currently no evidence" to suggest that fire regulations were failing.

ITV News contacted BRE but has yet to receive a response.

BRE Group warned the government that combustible cladding was in use.

Seventy-five tower blocks across 26 local authorities have so far failed fire safety tests, Sajid Javid, the Communities and Local Government Secretary, told MPs.

A source at the Department for Communities and Local Government confirmed to ITV News that the current tests on cladding are using the same benchmark as already specified in buildings regulations, which raises the central question of whether previous testing was rigorous enough.

ITV News understands the government's new Independent Advisory Panel on Fire Safety, announced today, will look at why cladding was initially classed as safe to put on towers when it is now subsequently failing all of the fire tests.