Prince Charles pays tribute to Manchester attack victims

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall arrive at Manchester town hall. Credit: PA

Such has been the relentless pace of news in recent weeks, people can be forgiven if the terrible attack on teenage concert goers in Manchester has slipped their minds.

Of course, since that explosion in Manchester Arena on a Monday night in May, we have witnessed an attack on people drinking and eating around London Bridge, an attack on people gathered in prayer at a Finsbury Park Mosque, an appalling fire in a tower block made more dangerous by sub-standard building materials, and a general election which didn’t go the way anyone expected.

Prince Charles meets medical and security staff who helped the victims of the May 22 bombing. Credit: PA

So, when the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visit the scene of the suicide bomb in Manchester this afternoon, it will be a moment to take stock and remember what happened.

It is a sad fact that so many members of the Royal Family have been visiting hospitals in recent weeks.

Not to open a new wing, or herald a medical breakthrough.

But to visit those left with appalling injuries and thank the all the staff who rushed into work at a moment’s notice to treat them.

The Prince of Wales is given a tour of Manchester Arena, the site of the deadly bombing following an Ariana Grande concert. Credit: PA

Prince Charles previously went see see the victims of the Westminster Bridge attack - the first attack this year to hit the country.

The Queen and later Prince William went to hospitals in Manchester.

Charles and Camilla saw staff and patients at the Royal London where those hit or stabbed on London Bridge were treated.

Prince Charles also met the Imam at the mosque in North London.

And the Queen and Prince William went together to see survivors of Grenfell Tower.

The Queen has also visited victims of the attack in hospital.

Today, Prince Charles and Camilla will meet staff at Manchester Arena who were on the scene before the emergency services arrived.

We can only guess at the horrific sight that they must have been confronted with.

Manchester Arena will not explain why, but they have refused to allow television cameras to accompany the royal couple on their visit.

And then, at an event at Manchester’s beautiful Town Hall, the couple will talk to Mancunians about the impact the attack has had on their communities.

It has to be said, the people of Manchester came together in an impressive way after being subjected to a suicide bomb attack - the first in the UK since 2005.

And the Prince of Wales has very close relations with the country’s Muslim leaders.

The Duchess of Cornwall meets medical and security staff who helped the victims of the May 22 bombing. Credit: PA

Members of his own charity for young people, the Prince’s Trust, will also be there.

We don’t elect members of the Royal Family - and nor do some people support them - but at a time like this, the whole family has proved they are united with the country in grief for those killed and in gratitude for those who helped.

And at a time when politicians are disunited and argue over who is to blame for some recent events - you might agree that the Royal Family is, right now, earning its keep.

As Charles and Camilla will again show today, their role in bringing communities together in very challenging times, has never been more needed.

The Duchess of Cornwall is presented with a broach in the shape of a worker bee, a symbol of Manchester. Credit: PA