Best and worst broadband speeds in UK revealed

The best and worst broadband speeds in the UK have been revealed.

Tamworth in the West Midlands came out top, according to a study by consumer watchdog Which?

While four places in Scotland all averaged the lowest speeds.

The minimum download speed proposed under the Government's Universal Service Obligation is 10Mbps, but the study found the average test in 12 local authority areas didn't reach this.

And despite the majority of slow download speeds coming from rural areas, many local authority areas in big cities are getting below the national average.

See how your area fared here:

Top 10 UK broadband areas

  • Tamworth, West Midlands

  • Reading

  • Adur, West Sussex

  • Enfield, north London

  • Dundee City

  • Luton

  • North East Lincolnshire

  • Merton, south west London

  • Elmbridge, Surrey

  • Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

Bottom 10 UK broadband areas

  • Orkney Islands, Scotland

  • Shetland Islands, Scotland

  • Highland, Scotland

  • Ryedale, North Yorkshire

  • Purbeck, Dorset

  • The Outer Hebrides, Scotland

  • Powys, Wales

  • West Devon

  • Eden, Combria

  • Rother, East Sussex