British man with autism who went missing on holiday in Australia found safe

A British man with autism who went missing on holiday to Australia has been found safe and well.

Benjamin Wyatt, 34, from Bath, was last seen visiting a beach in Melbourne with family on Tuesday.

But no trace of him was found by Victoria Police despite an "extensive" land, sea and air search.

His mother Diana made an emotional appeal for her son to return, saying her life was "empty" without him.

"Ben has never had a night out on his own before," she said.

But miraculously Ben managed to find his way back after 30 hours using landmarks - despite never having been to Melbourne before and not having a map or phone.

Mr Wyatt was last seen in the Melbourne area. Credit: PA

Speaking after being reunited with his family, Ben said he was relieved to be home but that he had been on an adventure.

He walked through the night and bought food and drink before managing to catch a bus to his sister's house 5km away.

"I was just enjoying Melbourne," he said. "I had a good trip and saw all the sights as well."

His family said they were relieved to have Ben back and are now due to fly home.

Ben's father Phil said: "We had only been four days in Melbourne and during that time we've pointed out all the landmarks to Ben as we've been travelling around.

"We think from that he was able to make his own way back."