Woman who used Twitter to find a wedding date marries the man who replied

Llia Apostolou and Phil Gibson married after meeting on Twitter Credit: Twitter/ Phil Gibson

It may not be the most conventional way to find a husband but for one woman a jokey public plea for a wedding date on social media has resulted in her marrying the plucky stranger who replied.

Sharing their story on Twitter newly-weds Llia Apostolou and Phil Gibson posted a series of Tweets on Tuesday recalling how they connected via the social networking site three-years-ago after Llia posted a shout-out for a date to her sister's wedding.

Announcing she had now walked down the aisle herself Llia tweeted: "Almost exactly three years later, I can say... Reader, I married him", followed by a link back to her original 2014 post that initiated the couple's romance.

Llia's tweet that started the couple's love story read: "Are you a man? Can I borrow you for a wedding next weekend? Bonus points if you can source a baby that I can pretend is mine too."

Clearly the tweet struck a cord with Phil as he jokingly replied that he was available with "a suit and everything".

Phil's response then sparked a Twitter exchange in which Llia went on to joke that she would see him at the altar, little knowing that one day their kidding around would result in the pair walking down the aisle together.

And although the couple never actually went to Llia's sister's wedding together they did meet up in real life and fell in love.

Now, on Tuesday, almost three-years to the day after they first started talking online the couple got married for real and even shared a picture of themselves on their wedding day to prove it.