Ivanka Trump sparks debate after taking dad Donald Trump's seat at G20 leaders' table

Ivanka and her father Donald Trump have come under fire after she sat in for him at a G20 meeting Credit: Bernd von Jutrczenka/DPA/PA

Ivanka Trump sparked controversy on the final day of the G20 summit in Hamburg after a picture of her taking her father's place at a conference session with other world leaders emerged.

It came after US President Donald Trump reportedly installed his daughter in his place while he briefly vacated his seat - leaving her sitting in prime position between the Chinese President and Theresa May.

The picture emerged on Twitter but was later deleted Credit: Svetlana Lukash/ Twitter

The move, which was captured in a photo taken by Russian attendee Svetlana Lukash that was tweeted out and then later deleted, raised questions over the 35-year-olds credentials to sit in on diplomatic meetings.

Although sometimes a member of a country's delegation will sit in for a leader if they have to leave the table this role is reportedly usually taken up by the secretary of state and Ivanka's presence at the table is thought unprecedented.

After the picture surfaced there was widespread criticism on social media, including from Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum who referred to Ivanka as an "unelected" and "unqualified" person to be representing the US.

Others on Twitter questioned whether Ivanka was the right choice as a substitute.