An airline has scrapped pregnancy tests for potential new female employees after being fined more than £22,000 for the practice.

Spain's Iberia airline was fined €25,000 by the Balearic Islands' regional labour department for discrimination following an inspection last year.

However, the airline hit back at the fine, describing the enforced test as a purely precautionary measure taken in the interest of the baby and mother-to-be.

Iberia also denied that it had rejected pregnant women for jobs, saying that it had contracted five pregnant women in 2016 and actively backed a policy of employing women.

Dolors Montserrat, Spain's Health Minister said she "rejected" the practice of making women take pregnancy tests, adding: "Maternity can in no way be an obstacle for access to a job."

In 2010, Iberia merged with British Airways, forming International Airlines Group, although both continue to operate under their own brands.

The airline is free to appeal against the fine.