An aristocrat who offered £5,000 to have Brexit campaigner Gina Miller "accidentally run over" is facing jail.

Rhodri Philipps, the 4th Viscount of St Davids, branded Mrs Miller a "bloody troublesome first generation immigration" during a Facebook rant four days after she won a landmark High Court challenge over Brexit.

In his message, Philipps put up a monetary reward for anybody who ran Mrs Miller over - having suggested she should be sent back to her "stinking jungle".

The 50-year-old is now facing a custodial sentence after being convicted of sending racially-charged menacing messages.

Rhodri Philipps, the 4th Viscount of St Davids, is facing jail. Credit: PA

Having offered the £5,000 reward over Facebook, Philipps described Mrs Miller as a "boat jumper", adding: "If this is what we should expect from immigrants, send them back to their stinking jungles."

Mrs Miller, 52, said she found his comments "genuinely shocking" and felt "violated".

Philipps was told by the judge that his posts were "menacing".

Senior district judge Emma Arbuthnot said: "Looking at the language you use to Ms Miller ... 'f****** jumper'. That is not political debate."

She added: "To some who don't know you they would perceive the offers of bounty as menacing."

Philipps was convicted of two counts of sending malicious messages, found to be racially aggravated.

He will be sentenced on Thursday.