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Eat, Shop, Save: The Williamson-Simpsons

The Williamson-Simpsons, from Wigan, are the second family to feature on Eat, Shop, Save - on ITV Thursday 20th July at 7:30pm Photo: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

In the second episode of Eat, Shop, Save can Ranvir Singh and her team of Eat, Shop, Save experts help a young Wigan couple with a 2 year-old daughter feel a little less burnout?

Twenty-somethings Jamie and Ellouise, who both work 6 days a week, often opt for takeaways after a long day at work and looking after their daughter, Iona - which is leaving their bank balance stretched.

The couple have now found themselves in arrears with Iona’s nursery and sadly having to cancel their own wedding.

They’re tired, stressed and skint but can chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock show the family how to eat healthier and cheaper...and still fit it all into their already hectic lifestyle?

Ditch the takeaways for healthier, cheaper and quicker pita pizzas. Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

And can money expert Gemma Godfrey show the Williamson-Simpsons how to turn the clutter in their home into cash?

Tune into Eat, Shop, Save on Thursday 20th July at 7:30pm to find out what our team of experts can do for your family to beat modern day burnout.

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