Survivors confront Grenfell Tower response team at meeting

Residents packed St Clement's Church for the meeting. Credit: ITV News
  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

Four weeks on from the Grenfell Tower block fire which left at least 80 people dead, survivors have confronted senior figures involved in the response.

The meeting - which was designed to give locals an opportunity to question key figures - descended into chaos, with residents becoming angry and upset.

Survivors of the fire confronted the senior investigating officer of the police probe into the disaster, and he was met with cries of "arrest someone" as the crowd became frustrated by his explanations.

Investigating officer Matt Bonner was quizzed at St Clement's Church a short distance from where the fire happened on June 14.

Mr Bonner said the police investigation would "not be quick but it would be thorough", adding he could not tell the audience "about the case as it would put the investigation at risk".

Other residents at the meeting were angry about the levels of support they had received following the blaze.

"We were promised that after three weeks everyone would be housed," one man told the meeting.

He continued: "Theresa May went on national telly and said everyone would get £500 cash and £5,000 into their account - that's still not happened.

"People aren't being housed four weeks later.

"The only support we're getting in this community is from this community, and that's the truth. We were promised support. Where is this support? I want to know."

One woman, whose questions to the panel were being translated, took the microphone as residents at the meeting began shouting over each other, and asked them: "What truth are you looking for here?"

"They're just wasting time," a translator told the room for her.

Incoming council leader Elizabeth Campbell was heckled at the meeting. Credit: ITV News

Incoming Kensington and Chelsea council leader Elizabeth Campbell was also at the meeting, and was heckled by members of the crowd when answering questions.

Ms Campbell began by saying how "sorry" she was for the council's "inadequate" response in the immediate aftermath of the fire and apologised "unreservedly", adding she would do so many times more, before attempting to answer questions posed to her.

Questions were also asked about the air quality levels in the vicinity following the blaze, but the crowd was told that they were being monitored and were considered safe.

Residents were also told that there was no risk of the building collapsing, and that it could not be covered yet as doing so could change the humidity and other factors inside, which could interfere with the investigation.

They were also told scaffolding was not yet an option, as it would need to be fixed to the middle of the building, which could also interfere.

After the meeting, a vigil attended by hundreds of mourners was held for the victims.