Tony Blair said he would be getting back into the political debate and today he went straight for the biggest challenge facing the country - Brexit.

He also told me Labour could now actually win an election from "a far left position".

At his home in central London this morning he said the damage Brexit would do was now so clear both to the British electorate and European leaders that he thought the whole thing could be stopped.

He thinks Europe has found a new reformer in President Macron, and that they could be willing to cut the UK a better deal on immigration if we will stay "I think they are open to the discussion because they know the damage Brexit will do" he says.

How this could be achieved is a different matter; Mr Blair thinks it can form part of negotiations.

Leadership is what's now required, he says, someone needs to take the potentially unpopular position of opening that negotiation; it could be Theresa May or it could be Jeremy Corbyn.

Ah yes, Jeremy Corbyn. It has been said that no one has won an election from a position to the left of Blair since 1974. Does Tony Blair think that's still the case? Or has Mr Corbyn's strong showing at the General Election proved otherwise?

"Look, I think in today's world you've got to say, with the election of Donald Trump, with Brexit, the last election result - anything's possible and it's possible Labour could win from a far left position.

"Doesn't necessarily mean it's right.

"And I think if we tried to implement the policies, if they're unreconstructed and unchanged, which involve a higher level of spending commitments than any Labour Party's ever given, in these circumstances and at the same time as we're delivering Brexit, you know maybe the country will vote for that but I'm afraid that doesn't mean its a sensible thing for the country to do."

So he still doesn't approve of Jeremy Corbyn's policies, no surprise there.

But even Tony Blair now thinks Jeremy Corbyn could win a General Election. And that's quite some change in our politics.