Acid victim says ex-girlfriend will 'burn in hell' as his new love says his scars 'mean nothing to me'

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Nick Wallis

An acid victim has said his ex-girlfriend will "burn in hell" for the 2am bed attack that left him disfigured and blind.

Daniel Rotariu, 31, told ITV News of the moment he was attacked by Katie Leong, hours after a fight he said was sparked by her jealousy.

"I went to sleep and woke up to burning," he said.

She had poured half a litre of sulphuric acid over his head.

"I was thinking it was hot water," he said. "(Until) I came out from the room and I felt acid in my mouth."

While Leong was handed a life sentence for last year's attack, the minimum of 17 years awarded by the judge means she is likely to be freed in her victim's lifetime.

Mr Rotariu told ITV News tougher sentences should be given for those committing what is a sharply rising crime in the UK.

Acid attacks have doubled in the past two years with around 400 in the last six months, prompting the government to explore new preventative measures.

"If you destroy and take somebody's life, actually rip his future, his dreams, all his plans, I think (you) should also not have a life," Mr Rotariu said.

He earlier told ITV's Good Morning Britain his life had been "changed totally" and had given him a "life sentence".

Mr Rotariu later spoke to ITV News while being supported by his new partner, Anna Catanga, who he met as she cared for him in recovery.

He smiled as she said it was "easy to fall in love" with such an "amazing" and "clever" person.

"The scars are not meaning anything to me," she added.

Daniel Rotariu smiled as Anna Catanga described falling in love with him. Credit: ITV News

Mr Rotariu said he believed his ex-girlfriend will receive punishment after death.

"She's going to burn in hell I think," he said. "She doesn't have a soul."