Historic visit for the Cambridges as George and Charlotte join their parents in Poland

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be told about the bloody - and ultimately unsuccessful - Warsaw Rising of 1944 when they arrive in Poland today.

The Cambridges will fly into the capital city at the start of a week long tour of Poland and Germany.

Prince William and Kate have decided to bring their children with them on this five-day trip and all four will be met by Polish dignitaries at Warsaw airport this afternoon.

George, who starts school in September, and Charlotte will be with their parents each day - but won't attend every visit their parents are making.

The welcome on the first day will come from President Duda and his wife at the Presidential Palace before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travel to the Warsaw Rising Museum.

President Andrzej Duda will welcome the Cambridges to Poland. Credit: AP

A year before the end of the Second World War, the Polish resistance fought against their Nazi occupiers in a battle which lasted 63 days.

It was the largest single military effort by any European resistance movement during World War II.

The Germany Army saw off the Polish resistance but when defeat came for the Nazis a year later, they demolished much of the city Warsaw as they left.

William and Kate will meet veterans of the war when they tour the museum.

This visit will also include a visit to a former concentration camp in Poland before moving to the German capital Berlin on Wednesday.

William and Kate will visit the Warsaw Rising Museum during their stay. Credit: AP

Diplomats speak of the tour as one which will 'strengthen ties' just as the next round of Brexit talks gets underway in Brussels between the UK and the EU.

The Foreign Office is deploying the Royals as 'soft diplomacy' at a time when political diplomacy is being put under great strain.

The Duke of Cambridge - who attended his step-mother's 70th birthday party at Highgrove this weekend will make a speech at the British embassy in Warsaw tonight.

He won't be doing any Brexit negotiations but he may refer to Britain's decision to leave the EU as he did on a tour to Paris in the Spring.