Son of Cecil the lion killed in Zimbabwean hunt

The son of a Cecil the lion, whose 2015 killing prompted an international outcry, has also been fatally shot during a hunt, according to conservationists in Zimbabwe.

Six-year-old Xanda, Cecil's son, was shot on a "legal trophy hunt" several days ago, a group named Friends of Hwange Trust said on Facebook.

Xanda, who was wearing a GPS collar installed by researchers, was killed outside the boundary of Hwange National Park, the group said.

Another group named Lions of Hwange National Park said Xanda was killed by a Zimbabwean professional hunter.

US dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil after the lion was allegedly lured outside Hwange park with an animal carcass used as bait.

Zimbabwe described the killing as illegal and said it would charge Mr Palmer, from Minnesota, but later dropped that plan.